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It is finally almost here……I have been wanting to curate subscription boxes for you all for two years now but I have a way of overthinking and getting in my own way. I decided now is the time :) 

Join the waitlist and be one of the first to know when we launch our monthly boxes. 

We are still working out the details but here are a few things I do know. Subscriptions will be open for one week per month. Once that month has closed out you will have to wait until the next month opens. Boxes will ship a certain day per month. With your monthly subscription you will receive an artist curated box that will bring you an experience. Each month will be different, however,  they will all tie together in some way to create one continuous journey that you can experience over and over. 

More detailed updates will be shared via email with those on the waiting list as we get closer to launching (very soon). We are looking at the first box being sent out August 1st which would mean the first month to subscribe will be July. 

The first 25 people to subscribe will get receive a discount. 

I can’t wait to send you all these amazing monthly experiences. 

There are 5 people on the waiting list, click the button below to join!

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