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You deserve this!

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For me, creating ART has become symbolic of a completely destroyed heart that is capable of being repaired with time, extra patience, lots of love and room for growth. When I lost my son Steven unexpectedly on 7/20/19 I had no idea how I would get through and put the pieces of my new life back together. I started by creating the PIECES OF ME collection. This collection is a reflection of a broken heart at different stages of healing. A reflection of how complicated yet beautifully broken they still are. Broken hearts are filled with so much that was once poured into someone who is no longer here. That love just builds up every second of every day. That love needs somewhere new to go; to flow. Maybe your story looks different...maybe you too lost a loved one, maybe you have been through something traumatic and are working on healing. Healing looks different for us all but somehow, someway we can all relate to feeling broken.
I hope that every single piece of my art is viewed at as inspiration and motivation for you to keep finding the beauty in LIFE despite the heartache you may have endured or are enduring; LIFE is still beautiful!



The only way you will make it through life is if you love YOU first.

Aside from my amazing friends/family if I didn’t love myself first I don’t know how I would have made it through after losing my son.

Life didn’t end for me…it changed drastically; but it didn’t end. Life is still very beautiful and I chose to continue loving me, to pour into me, to give myself room to grieve and grow. I chose to continue loving on those that I love who in return love me. When you can truly love yourself you will begin to find beauty in simply living. 

Be easy on yourself….you are perfectly imperfect and so beautiful just the way you are. 


Although I have been creating since 2014 it just looks and feels different for me now. After losing my eldest son Steven unexpectedly at the age of 22 in 2019 ART became my therapy. ART is what healing looks like for me. Every piece of art that I create comes from all things love & pain. I hope that a piece of my ART touches you or someone you know in a way that brings you some happiness. If I can inspire, motivate and even make just one person feel a little bit of happiness by way of my ART.....then I am thankful!

Sharing the many PIECES OF ME 💔

I want to give a special THANK YOU to my son Shaun. Thank you for loving me through it all. You are the strongest young man I know and you are full of so many beautiful things. I LOVE YOU SON!